New Tesla Model S can be a boat

New Tesla Model S can be a boat

New Tesla Model S can be a boat

Tesla author and CEO Elon Musk affirmed in a tweet on Sunday the all-electric Model S "skims all around ok to transform it into a watercraft for brief timeframes."

Musk said the push originates from the Model S' wheel pivot, so your vehicle isn't only dead in the water.

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While Musk doesn't prescribe exploiting the component by setting off to your neighborhood lake, the affirmation came taking after a Model S driving through an overflowed burrow in Russia. It could be a decent security highlight to bail you out of some precarious circumstances.

Musk, who is exceptionally frank on Twitter, included: "Am as yet wanting to do a games sub auto that can drive on streets. Only a side venture." He didn't give a timetable when it might dispatch

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