Ford Crown Victoria

Ford Crown Victoria

Ford Crown Victoria

For those who love to collect or buy cars must have been familiar with Ford Crown Victoria. Ford Crown Victoria or Crown Vic is a full-size sedan which manufactured by Ford company from 1992 to 2011. This Crown Vic is the leader of the Ford model line and sold exclusively as a four-door sedan. It has been known that Ford manufactured the Crown Vic until it comes to the second generation. For those who are not yet familiar with Crown Vic, this article will give you all of the information about this Crown Vic beauty from the Ford company.

The first generation

Ford began the productions of the Crown Vic in 1991. The Crown Vic then named as the 1992 model. This kind of Ford Crown Victoria featured a redesign for the exterior and focus on the aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. Ford Crown Victoria also sold exclusively as a four-door sedan because Ford wanted Crown Vic to be established as a family vehicle. As for the features, the Crown Vic was established as a six-passengers automobile where the front seat was a 50/50 split bench seat. This Leader of the Ford was also sold in two trim levels, which are base-trim and Crown Victoria LX.

The second generation

Ford established the 1998 Ford Crown Victoria in 1997. Alas, Ford was struggling to match the sales with its rival company. Then, to gain the customers' trust, Ford tried to use the exterior model of its rival on 1998 Ford Crown Victoria. As for the 2000-year model, the Crown Vic focused on the safety features such as the emergency trunk release system, latch anchor, and belt minder. As for the 2005-year model, the Crown Vic for the first time changed its steering wheel to a non-locking steering column.

Discontinuation and continuation

Unfortunately, in 2011, Ford has to announce its closure because of their rival with the other model car such as the Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car. Many years have passed with no news from Ford about the continuation of the Ford Crown Victoria. However, there seems the good news for the Ford lovers. The reason is that there is a rumour that Ford has been preparing for the 2018 Ford Crown Victoria. Although it is just a rumour, many people believe that Ford already starts to shape up the concept. Well, if it is like that, are you ready to see the 2018 Ford Crown Victoria?

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