BMW 320i Shadow Edition, The Coolest BMW Sedan

BMW 320i Shadow Edition, The Coolest BMW Sedan

BMW 320i Shadow Edition, The Coolest BMW Sedan

Topspeedcar - BMW introduced one of the coolest products that they’ve ever made. Maybe, it’s because of the dark color, but from our perspective, the design and performance also fit to be called one of the coolest BMW cars. What we are talking about here is the bmw 320i shadow edition. Let’s take a look at the design, and see why we call it the coolest car from BMW.

The Color

The most interesting part is the color. BMW tried to apply the shadow concept to almost every part of this car. it’s not only the body. But also the rims are painted black. The front side is also the same. You must be familiar with the BMW grille. You will find the different appearance of that signature grille on this car. the color is total dark, which makes it looks like merge with the front side of the car.

It’s not only the grille and rims. The headlight is also tinted with black color. this is actually cool and one of the most attractive and innovative design. if you love the black color, this would be the best car design you can find.

The Body

BMW adds many accents on the body. in the end, it looks like it has nice muscle on its surface. the side part is decorated with two nice lines that add the sporty looks on it. But, what we love the most is the front side.

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BMW create something unique for this car front side. It feels like all the muscle and accent on the side and back of the car, are merged in one point on the front side. The layered design makes this car looks not only cooler but also powerful. we can even imagine that the front side of BMW 320i Shadow Edition looks like when you flexing your muscle.

The Features

From a design perspective, we are really satisfied. However, the features of this car are also not disappointing. Our favorite is the BMW TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder engine. this engine can produce really powerful performance and speed.

Moreover, it also has useful features for the driver, such as the Lane Change Warning System, Park Distance Control (PDC), Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI), and many more. Overall, bmw 320i shadow edition is one of the best mid-level sedans on the market. the design and performance are above the average, which makes it worth to have.

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