Choosing the Right Used Holden Cruz

Choosing the Right Used Holden Cruz

Choosing the Right Used Holden Cruz

There is nothing wrong with having a used car. There are abundances of choices when it comes to used cars. One car you might look for is Holden Cruz. Here are the tips to choose the right one.

Types of car you can get

The 2009 Holden Cruz is available in many options. They are petrol or diesel, manual or auto, and in CD or CDX trim. The diesel Cruz has been reported to suffer from serious turbo lag while the petrol series is lacking power. The good thing is that the shape and handling of the car are generally good. It also has good fuel efficiency and decent passenger space compared to other small cars. The safety of the car is good in overall. The CDX series came with cruise control, heated leather seats, 17inch-alloys, rear parking sensors, and audio controls installed on the steering wheel.

The next series is the Series II Cruz that has been distributed in March 2011. It has fresher shape and a 1.4ltr turbo option. There are also other variants, which are Sri and Sri-V. Both of them are the sports version with added features such as the rear spoiler and customizable sports suspension. On the later version, this car type has a smart key, satnav, 7inch color screen, and 10gb hard drive audio.
The next type is the 2012 Cruz that has two version, the hatchback, and sedan.

This type has featured Bluetooth connectivity. In the later date, the type has other variants which are the CD and CDX Cruz Sportwagon. The capacity of the type is around 500L or 1500L when the seats are folded.

In 2014, the CDX and Sri-V are replaced by the Cruz Z-Series. This type has flashier style and fancy dark alloys. In 2015, a new facelift is added to the new version of the car. The last variant is in 2016 which is an improvement of the previous type.

What you should look for

There are several Cruz wagon you can choose. Check every problem on each type because every one of them suffers from different problems. The common and problematic problem is the automatic gearbox. See if the engine is flaring or not once you put your foot on the gas pedal.

Avoid the used car when it produces disturbing noise and minimal speed increase. See if there is any fluid leak on the transmission, engine, and radiator coolant. By paying attention to these problems, you can have a better look when picking a used Holden Cruz.

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