Civic Vs Jetta; Honda Volkswagen Compact Sedan War

Civic Vs Jetta; Honda Volkswagen Compact Sedan War

Civic Vs Jetta; Honda Volkswagen Compact Sedan War

If you plan to buy a low-cost fuel-efficient car with a luxurious touch, you should take a look at the latest Honda Volkswagen lineup, especially their latest compact sedans: Civic and Jetta respectively. For years, both cars have been regarded as attractive inexpensive cars, but the latest models will truly draw everyone’s attention, especially due to the inclusion of some high-end components in the car. Let’s take a look at how both cars compare in terms of the new infotainment system, performance, and overall design.

Infotainment System

The real difference in the car’s infotainment system will become apparent if you opt for Honda Volkswagen top trims in their compact sedan class, whereby you can get a large touchscreen that greatly improves the infotainment experience of the car. Inside the Jetta, you can get a large 8.5-inch touchscreen, which is significantly larger and easier to operate than Civic’s 7-inch touchscreen with its relatively small buttons. In terms of the infotainment system, Jetta has a slight edge.


Both cars perform well on the road in terms of both performance and fuel efficiency. They also feel comfortable to ride. Civic’s turbo engine, however, makes it a better-performing compact sedan if compared with Jetta. Jetta also lacks Civic’s superior suspension system. You may expect more bumps and noises when driving Jetta on uneven surfaces. Civic is also slightly lighter than Jetta because it is about 3 inches shorter in length. If you are expecting a better driving experience in this Honda Volkswagen comparison, I suggest that you choose Civic.

Overall Design

Let’s take a look at both cars’ interior first. Both cars offer sufficient space for both the driver and the passengers to enjoy a comfortable ride. If you want to be more specific, you should choose whether to have extra space for the head or for the feet. If you need more legroom, go with Civic, but if your passengers will be taller, Jetta offers better headroom. For the front seat, Jetta offers cooled leather seats, which Civic lacks. This small yet significant feature certainly makes Jetta a more comfortable car to drive, especially on a long journey, when you have to sit for hours behind the wheel.


These three features become the most distinctive factors in this Honda Volkswagen compact sedan comparison. By looking into these three features and assessing your personal needs and preferences, you should be able to choose which compact sedan is better for you.

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