Honda Wagon Offers Cost-Effective Solution for Wagon Seekers

Honda Wagon Offers Cost-Effective Solution for Wagon Seekers
Honda Wagon Offers Cost-Effective Solution for Wagon Seekers

Topspeedcar - Nowadays, people prefer to get an SUV or even a CUV instead of a full wagon. The reason is clear, the majority of wagons are expensive European cars. Besides, a wagon just doesn’t sell well in this country due to how people drive their cars here. If you are looking for an affordable wagon that offers a comfortable ride, the newest Honda wagon may provide you with a solution.

Available Alternatives

Before we jump into what Honda wagon can actually offer, we will be looking into some obvious alternatives that make it intrinsically hard to find a wagon in the United States. In this country, SUVs and crossovers lead the way, with the majority of Americans enjoying riding ones more than the bulky and relatively expensive wagon. For a family looking for ample seating, their only choices are usually European cars with prices that are not considered cheap, such as Volvo V60 and Mercedes E350.

If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, you are mostly forced to choose either VW’s Jetta SportWagen, whose performance and wheel-drive system aren’t really wagon-like or Subaru Outback, which offers better ride height but clunky handling. These are not good options because a wagon is expected to offer both comfort from its high suspension and excellent handling.

What Does Honda Wagon Offer?

Back in the nineties, Honda was known to offer Accord as the company’s prized station wagon. Today, despite the massive transformation that this car has undergone, it is still considered a reliable Honda wagon. If you are on a budget and you need a handy vehicle to transport your family, the Honda Accord is still a viable choice.

However, you are certainly not reading this article only to learn about the already commonplace Honda Accord, are you? If you are looking for a real Honda wagon with real comfort and real performance, Accord is not the top choice. Instead, I consider Honda Crosstour a much better choice.

Why Honda Crosstour?

Honda Crosstour can be the best Honda wagon available now. It is affordable, but it offers many features found in the expensive models. With Honda Crosstour, you can enjoy the versatility of the 4-wheel-drive system, the capability of its 3.5-liter V6 engine, and the comfort of a full station wagon. Some customers indeed complain about Honda Crosstour’s awkward look, but if you can afford the ugliness, it can certainly be the best car for your family. In term of price, this Honda wagon is indeed not significantly cheaper than its counterparts, but its resale value makes it a worthy investment for wagon lovers.

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