Things to Make You Select Toyota Landcruiser

Things to Make You Select Toyota Landcruiser

Things to Make You Select Toyota Landcruiser

Toyota Landcruiser is an SUV car type produced by Toyota car manufacturer in 1951. This car belongs to the type of off-road car using in all terrains so that it is suitable for the people loving adventurous. For the latest generation of this car, you can select 150 series and upper generation. The used engine is using the engine capacity of 4.5 L.

Completed with Sophisticated Features

With the offered variants, 200 standard specifications and 200 full specifications, it makes the users can determine the choice of the variant. For the people who want to buy an SUV car, this car becomes the right choice for you. This car has been embedded the sophisticated features. For those having no interest in buying this SUV car, it is no problem to find the information about this Toyota Landcruiser car. You can find the right information for being the chosen SUV car.


Some benefits of having this car are the part of this engine in which it is categorized to be leading. With the type of engine 1 VD-FTV V8 having a cylinder capacity of 4.461 ccs, it becomes this car able to give maximum energy reaching 235 ps and able to give the maximum torsion reaching 62.8 km. The transmission also becomes a plus point of this car. The embedded transmission uses 6-speeds feature with an automatic typonic transmission type so that the users can use this SUV car.

Exterior Design

Despite having a leading engine type, it has a great exterior design. The design of this car has been designed to be very sporty and look so strong. It can be seen from the front grille part designed more powerful with a chrome nuance and big size. In addition, it has a new light look using LED light making it look modern. The change of the front dashboard is installed the fog lamp getting the new touch being it looks sporty.

The back part of the car body is installed spoiler with a high mount stop lamp. It has been installed a back combination lamp designed with a new model being a look of this SUV car look more sporty. In addition, it has a luggage door in which it has been installed a power back door. It becomes the users to be easier when you open it and work it by pressing the button only.

Safety System

Another benefit of this car is a safety part in which some safety elements are embedded in this car such as SRS airbags in the front part and side part of the car. It is also embedded by the steel ladder frame, hill assists control, brake system, turn to assist function, and keyless entry features. Those make you select Toyota Landcruiser.

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